Anderlini & McSweeney LLP has a team of attorneys with decades of experience in matters involving business, corporate and employment law. We help business owners and entrepreneurs build profitable enterprises. When commercial disputes arise, we defend their interests. In the area of employment law, we represent employees whose rights have been violated by illegal employment practices. We also advise businesses regarding ways to comply with employment laws and avoid litigation.

Our firm provides a complete range of advice, services and representation in these areas:

Business Law

Business formation and growth – Our attorneys assist businesses at all stages of the growth cycle by providing advice and services concerning business formation and organization, purchase and sale of businesses, and other matters.

Business transactions – We facilitate all types of business transactions by drafting and reviewing contracts, including sales contracts, real estate contracts, employment contracts and other buy-sell agreements.

Business contract disputes – Our trial lawyers work diligently to protect the interests of businesses involved in disputes involving the delivery of products and services, disputes between shareholders and other matters.

Commercial litigation – We have experience handling complex commercial litigation.

Vehicle dealerships – Our firm has extensive experience addressing the transactional and litigation needs of vehicle dealerships throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Employment Law

Employee rights – Our firm stands up for the rights of employees who have been victimized by illegal employment practices.

Sexual harassment – We provide results-oriented representation on behalf of people who have suffered this form of discrimination in the workplace.

Wage and hour claims – Our lawyers represent workers who have been unfairly denied overtime pay and benefits.

Workplace discrimination – We seek compensation and justice for people who have been discriminated in the workplace on the basis of race, age, disability, pregnancy, gender and sexual orientation.

Wrongful termination – If you have been discharged in violation of the law, we can represent you.

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