A simple last will and testament is rarely enough protection. Middle-class families, and especially higher-income individuals, should engage in a thorough estate planning review to make sure their wishes are respected with regard to care of minor children, distribution of financial assets and decision-making about their own health.

A complete estate plan should include, at the very minimum: a will, advance health care directives, and guardianship arrangements for the care of minor children. Many estate plans will also include some type of testamentary or living trust.

A San Mateo Estate Planning Law Firm

Anderlini & McSweeney LLP is a midsize, professional law firm with a strong estate planning practice. Our attorneys have decades of experience crafting strong estate plans for families with diverse needs regarding asset protection and distribution.

Some of the benefits we provide to our clients include the following:

You will receive focused attention from a veteran estate planning attorney — As a midsize law firm, we can guarantee to our clients that their estate planning matters will be handled personally by one of our senior attorneys. Our estate planning lawyers are highly rated and well-respected members of the California bar who have advanced knowledge of California’s estate planning laws — your wills, trusts and other estate documents will be crafted with care and attention to the specific needs of your family.

Estate tax planning is always at the forefront of our estate planning strategies — The careful estate planner always keeps one eye on the changing federal estate tax laws. Without careful estate tax planning, a shocking percentage of one’s assets can be lost to estate taxes instead of transferring to intended heirs.

We are available for probate and estate administration — For the convenience of our clients, we offer probate and estate administration services for the personal representatives of estates.

We know how to prevent and manage estate litigation — In some cases, heirs will fight over an estate. Will contests are common, especially in the case of high-asset estates. The attorneys of Anderlini & McSweeney LLP are accomplished in handling estate litigation. From our decades of experience representing beneficiaries in will contests, we know how to construct wills and estate plans with strong no-contest clauses — doing our best to prevent legal disputes among the heirs.

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