San Mateo Trial Attorneys for Business Contract Disputes

Business contracts are the foundation on which many businesses are built. Breach of a business contract can seriously disrupt a business’s operations and even threaten the viability of a company. When a business contract dispute occurs, fast and decisive action is necessary to minimize the negative consequences for the company.

At Anderlini & McSweeney LLP, a San Mateo law firm, our veteran business law attorneys have decades of experience representing small and medium-sized businesses in contract disputes. If your company has been damaged financially through breach of a contract, or if you are defending your actions against a breach of contract claim, our lawyers have the knowledge and resources to provide efficient and cost-effective legal representation.

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Resolution of Business Contract Disputes Through Negotiation or Trial

When contract disputes arise, our attorneys attempt first to resolve the dispute through a negotiated settlement. Often, after tempers have cooled, the parties to the contract are able to work out an acceptable compromise resolution.

However, we do not believe in selling our clients short. We use all the resources at our disposal to make sure we have accurately and completely calculated the financial harm suffered by our client as a result of the breach of contract. We work with economists and business experts to create a complete and detailed picture of the financial losses suffered as a result of non-performance of a business contract.

If our client is not satisfied with the final compromise offer, our business litigation attorneys have the knowledge and background to seek resolution via a trial whenever necessary.

From day one, we work closely with our clients in business contract disputes — performing frequent cost-benefit analyses to make sure our clients have all the information they need in order to decide how best to proceed.

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