San Mateo Birth Injury Attorneys

Parents of newborns who sustained birth injuries often experience a range of emotions. They may be elated over the birth of their new child. They may also be angry and confused over how such a mistake was allowed to happen.At Anderlini & McSweeney LLP, we provide experienced legal help to children that have sustained birth injuries. We understand the varying emotions parents experience, and we understand that you are concerned about your child’s future. We seek fair and full compensation that can provide for your child’s future medical care and accommodations.

If your child has sustained an injury at birth, contact a San Mateo birth injury lawyer online or call 650-212-0001 to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys. From our office in San Mateo, we serve clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Was Your Child Injured During Labor and Delivery?

A birth injury is an injury that occurs before, during or immediately following the birthing process. Obstetricians, nurses and others assisting in the delivery must follow a standard of care that keeps mom and baby safe. When the standard of care is not followed, medical malpractice may result.

If you have reason to believe your child’s birth injury was the result of a doctor’s or nurse’s failure to follow the standard of care, we would like to speak with you. At the law firm of Anderlini & McSweeney LLP, we have extensive experience handling birth injury lawsuits. We understand what to look for and how to identify the moments leading up to and resulting in the birth injury.

We Have the Knowledge and Experience to Handle All Birth Injury Cases

Our experienced San Mateo personal injury lawyers handle all types of birth injuries, including:

  • Erb’s palsy
  • Shoulder dystocia
  • Brachial plexus injuries

Cerebral palsy is a condition that may be caused by medical malpractice. Cerebral palsy is a brain injury that is caused by lack of oxygen to the fetus’ brain. In many cases, a nurse or technician may have failed to notice fetal distress or an obstetrician may have failed to perform a timely Cesarean section. Other injuries can occur because of improper use of a vacuum, forceps or other equipment. Regardless of the cause, our experienced attorneys will fight to ensure that your child receives compensation.

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